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Your District Attorney is responsible for protecting victims from those who seek to harm.  Also, your District Attorney is responsible for setting the standard of justice.  Justice requires reform of our current system.  These are my plans for reform of our current criminal justice system in Monroe County:

  • In all non-violent cases diversion is the rule. Focus resources on those violent offenses that plague our communities.
  • Diverting prosecution of all marijuana possession cases.
  • No incarceration for sex workers and victims of human trafficking.
  • No request for cash bail in violations, and non- violent felonies and misdemeanors. In cases that involved alleged harm to a victim, the assistant district attorney will defer to the recommendations of Pre-Trial.
  • Assistant District Attorneys will be required to engage in community work. The District Attorney's Office will have a community liaison position that helps facilitate the relationship between the office and the greater community. 
  • All attorneys will be trained in racial justice, cultural competence and diminishing implicit bias. 
  • The office will actively recruit attorneys of color, and create a work atmosphere that aids in their retention. 
  • A Public Integrity Unit will be created within the office to investigate and prosecute excessive force and misconduct cases of police officers, and the misconduct of public officials.

It is time to restore public trust in our system.  Please join me in this movement of reform and justice.

Friends of Shani Curry Mitchell
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